About me

My artist name is Folkenstal, but you can call me Ana anytime ;)
I’ve started with propmaking by the end of 2012. In my own apartment workshop I build everything from weapons, armor, jewelry to other items. When I get the chance, I visit conventions to meet other artists who share the same passion as me.

As far as I remember, I’ve always been drawing or crafting something using all kind of materials. Started with paper and cardboard as a kid, and later worked with Sculpey, clay, and crafted jewelry for a while. And currently working with Apoxie Sculpt, PropFoam, thermoplastics like Cosplayflex, and resin to build anything I like.

Find me working on twitch creative where I stream every weekend if you want to see what I do.
You can ask questions or just watch me building things. Head over to twitch.tv/folkenstal

The first time I started with propmaking in a determined kind of way was when I played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I wanted to have a few weapons in real life, but the merchandise store of said video game didn’t have anything useful, so I googled and stumbled upon the “art of propmaking”. It fascinated me to create something in real that is actually only available in a video game. So after a lot of reading and watching videos I decided to see this as a possible hobby of mine which I could truly enjoy.

I love propmaking, it gives me challenge and troubleshooting is a big part of it.
Also trying out new materials is always valuable for my next projects to come.
If you want to know more about my work, fell free to check the FAQ.


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