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Cast like Magic – A beginner’s Guide to mold making and resin casting (ebook)

$ 8.50

104 pages (english)
this is an ebook (PDF)!


Product Description

This book will help you to get easily into mold making and casting with resin.
It has all the basic informations on what equipment is needed, how to make
the different molds and it will tell you how and where to avoid rookie mistakes.

If you struggled to find the right moment to start with this hobby or don’t know
the basics of it, this book would be the perfect guide.

This book comes as a fancy PDF and you’ll get a download link after purchase.

Here’s a review ony my book by Eric Hart


  • foreword
  • about this book
  • what is molding and casting?
  • am I properly equipped?
  • the mold box
  • sealing your model
  • silicone and resin 101
  • types of silicone
  • additives for silicone
  • synthetic casting resin – an overview
  • additives for synthetic resin
  • vacuum containers with vacuum pumps
  • one-part silicone molds
  • undercuts in models
  • cut silicone molds
  • two-part silicone molds
  • registration keys
  • casting channels
  • brush-on silicone
  • rotation casting
  • more tips and tricks
  • glossary


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