Welcome to Folkenstal’s Ambassador Program!

Don’t necessarily have the money to purchase my goods, but still want to support my work?
Then you’ll definitely like this program!

There’s a lot of Ambassador loot waiting to be claimed – just scroll down to see what’s available.
All you need to do is to spread the word about my goods on the internet and report back (hence the “Ambassador” program).

To accomplish this, you can fulfil a variety of tasks – some are easy,
but others are more challenging (and more rewarding). It’s up to you which tasks you choose!
There are a lot of easy tasks you can do to get comfortable with the program. Here’s a few examples:

  • Make a post about my website
  • Invite your friends to like my Facebook page
  • Recommend my products
  • Share a product on Facebook
  • Write or let someone write article of my work

Once you decide to be one of my ambassadors, you’ll get your own Google Sheet so you can track your progress.
The points you accumulate can be used at any time – there’s even some extra gifts once you reach higher Ambassador Levels!


Once you apply, I’ll contact you and send you your personal Google Sheet so you can see your tasks, your current rank, and how many points you have.
To see your points increase, you’ll need to report back to me with a link, screenshot, or both of your fulfilled task.
The platforms I’d like each Ambassador to use are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Other websites (no social media required)

Please make sure you read through all the info before applying.
This is for serious Ambassadors only.


And extended FAQ you can find here (which makes more sense after you’ve received your progress sheet): Extended Ambassador FAQ

Question: I don’t have many followers on social media. How can I even help?
Answer: It doesn’t check if you have tons of followers or not. Every post you make public and report back to me will count as fulfilled. Don’t worry there :)
Question: Are these the only items the Ambassadors can get?
Answer: There’s lots of other items in my store which you can obtain with the Ambassador Program! Each product that has a blue banner with an “A” in it can be obtained with this program.
Question: What’s the deadline on this program?
Answer: There’s no deadline on your fulfillment of the tasks, but I want active ambassadors who make 2–4 posts a week. That’s a manageable amount of tasks. Ticking off the Ambassador list in 2 weeks isn’t the idea here at all.