commissions currently closed

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: Yes, I do take them when I have the time. Please see the announcement above which says “commissions open“ or „commissions closed“.
Before you make any inquiry please finish this FAQ and read this post about the budget of a commission.

Q: any specialties you got?

A: You can find many of my works in my gallery.

Q: What are the items made of?

A: There are various materials I work with and polyurethane resin I mostly use for reproduction pieces like daggers, jewelry, or masks. There are also items like armor, bows, and other weapons that are made of thermoplastics and foam or only with foam. Jewelry is mostly made with pewter that can be gold plated later.

Q: The price?

A: For an exact commission price of your project I’d need to know what kind of item it is and see some reference pictures.
The complexity, quality, and size of an item affects the costs, too.
As soon as I know exactly what project you want me to make for you I can give you the final price for it.
There is no “can you make me a sword for $ 150? I have no money”.

It’s just not possible.

Q: How long will it take you to finish my commission?

A: A while. Usually a few months. I have a part time job as media designer, and I only have time on weekends or evenings to work on your commission. Please bear this in mind, „last minute“ commissions are not possible.

Q: Do I need to pay you the full price upfront?

A: Usually I ask for 50%, and when the job is done I ask the remaining 50% with the shipping fee.

Q: Can you make me an armor?

A: No, I don’t take armor commissions anymore.

Q: Can you make things with real metal?

A: Jewelry and small things like buckles I can make with pewter. But other than that, no.

Q: How about 3D printing?

A: No, sorry.

Here’s a list of things I don’t make:

•    greatswords
•    armor or suits
•    any clothes entirely made of fabric, I’m not a seamstress.
•    items that a lot of other artists already offer/sell in their stores

Q: Do you accept free commission requests for sponsoring and charity work ?

A: I don’t do free commissions for events, charities, nor sponsoring for your company.
I’ll only accept paid commissions.

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