This page is dedicated to stories and experiences I make during my time as an amateur propmaker.
You’ll find everything here that is related to my career, like my past events, interviews,
experiences with other artists, and other subjects that might interest you.
And most important: those entries don’t disappear in your feed like a facebook post usually does.
If you have an idea for an entry, don’t hesitate to write me and I’ll make a post about it.

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Dragon Con 2017

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If you ask me about you should go to Dragon Con or not my answer will be "Yes, you better go! You won't regret it!"

I’m on twitch!

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Ok, so I'm on twitch now streaming my workbench every weekend. You can stop by and ask your questions or just watch what I'm currently working on. Check the link…

Live Q&A with Punished Props!

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I've been on Bill's Live Q&A a while ago! It was so much fun to talk with Bill and the chat. If you missed the live stream you can of…

German Comic Con

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Yes, the experience I had at the German Comic Con in Dortmund this year. I was eager to finish my costume and the props of Lord's Blade Ciaran especially for…