First I needed lots of screenshotsfrom all angles.Therefor I just took them right from the screen.Then I looked for the biggest picture on the internet I could find to print out the dagger in its original size._4196004 _4196020 _4196023 _4196024 _4196025Glued the print out onto polystyrene sheets and cut all the parts out.Sculpted then with Apoxie Sculpt right on top of the polystyrene sheets._4196026

_4196034_4196035_4196036_4196037_4196038The pommel had the same procedure, sculpting right on the polystyrene sheets._4196030 _4196031_4196033Now onto molding the first parts. Used a plastic cup for the silicone mold.When the mold is cured, I mixed clear resin with acryl pearl powder and blue powder until I got the Stalhrim look.Poured the resin and and let it cure for a couple of hours._4196043_4206046_4206047_4206049_4206051OK, and this time with a screw inserted…Totally forgot about that._4216075And this is the final piece. This one\’s without the screw, though._4216066Now working on the guard. Every single piece needs to fit when assembled._4196039_4196041 _4196042Checking the size is important, so I often checked if everything still is in place.If not, sanding is a crucial thing._4206053Working now on the guard and drawing the pattern._4216069With a dremel the work is quite easy._4216072After the dremel work is done, I sculpt a few of the patterns, so the guard gets a bit of a depth._4216073_4216074 _4216076The handle itself is actually an empty black marker I covered with Apoxie Sculpt.So I could save a bit of Apoxie :)_4196027Between the handle and the guard there is a small piece of “Stalhrim” embedded._4206054_4206055The parts on the handle are nasty sometimes…_4206056_4206059 _4206060 _4206061_4216071 _4216077

  1. The Stalhrim Dagger so far…_4216079

Now onto the molding. Preparing a box out of Lego… well it works for me ;)Then putting the master into a bed of clay, adding the canal, registration keys and we\’re done!_4256087Pouring the silicone here._4256088Now it\’s time for the other side of the master. Preventing the silicone sticking to the frst silicon layer, I spray a release agent over the whole surface._4266089Ready for casting!_4276094The color\’s too dark here. I was kinda blind while mixing the color…_4276098And here\’s the finished piece. Still has bubbles, need to perfect my skills first.Also added a long screw, so I can attach the guard and the blade to it._4276099

And this is how the Pommel and that small Stalhrim part fits to the handle._4276102A piece of leather and rabbit fur goes around the handle as seen in the ingame images._5036104The rabbit fur is going to be cut short, because it covers too much of the “metal” parts._5036108I cast the blade support as a last step, because before curing hard and solid I can bend the parts a bit and let it fit onto the blade.The rubber bands support everything until it\’s fully cured._5046111And the last step is to put nails into the blade support on both sides._5046116The very first blade compared to the new one on October 18th 2013.Almost a perfect blend for Stalhrim.newbladeAnd the Stalhrim Dagger finally is done!_5046122

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