I printed a picture of the bow with the best resolution I could find.

Figured out the right size of it. Unfortunately, my bow is way too small. It’s about 100 cm in length. The bow ingame is kinda 150 cm.
My bad, but I just went on with the project.



I cut out the prints transfered them on sheets of polypropylene and cut them out, too
This was my base I worked with.


Glued then all sheets of polypropylene together to get the final form of the bow.
Checked the form with the print out and the bow was ready to be sculpted on.


“Sculpted”, you ask?
Well, I had a lot of scraps of Worbla left, so I just thought I might use them.
Turned out, I had better used fresh Worbla sheets, because working with scraps is crap. It’s a mess and the sculpt doesn’t get as smooth as with whole sheets.
Anyway, I went on with it.

Ok, looks better when adding whole sheets of Worbla. So I covered lots of parts with them.


Not yet smoothed out, but I work on it.
The form of the bow is visible, though.


Then after a lot of hopeless smoothing, I just decided to use polypropylene sheets to cover the rest. Straight, clean sheets that’s how I like it :)


Drawing raw patterns here and there as a reminder.


Tried out a new technique with wood glue. Says it would smooth out the structure.
Well, it worked partially…


Adding more sheets of plastic to cover the ugly areas.


Then sculpting the other parts of the bow.



Looks much better now. Phew.


And here’s a spray paint test with black an gold.
Will add a few layers of gold, then black and then slowly sanding the black coat away, until I get a hint of gold.
Like it the ingame picture.
I ordered a bow string for that one, but I don’t think it could fire arrow even if I wanted to. This bow’s made only for cosplay purposes.


And done.


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