P1020943I decided to start with the middle part first where the scroll paper will be put in later.Cut the tube open on one side and stuck it over the other part to get the same opening as seen in the original scroll. The rest was just covering up the surface with Apoxie Sculpt and sculpting the ornaments.P1020945 P1020950 P1020955I do a lot of things freehand. Like sketching onto the item itself.P1020959 P1020956 P1020957P1020958P1020963 P1020964 P1020965 P1020966P1020969 P1020972 P1020976Cutting the Sintra pieces and fitting each of it into its place.Usually I sand all the edges and make the smooth.P1020975P1020978 P1020980 P1020994This one was a bit tricky at first, but I found some sort of adhesive sheets which where about 1mm thick. This was the perfect material to get the webbing done fast.P1020995 P1020996After the webbing was done on both sides, I filled the gaps of the upper layer with Apoxie Sculpt.P1030004I run across the problem with a few pieces which had mirrored signs on it. In that case I had to do them twice. No problem, took me a sheet of Sintra, cut out some stamps, and then I could use both sides of them to achieve the mirrored effect.P1030006P1030009P1030035 P1030036P1030038P1030117Primered all the finished parts with black spray paint. This coated the surface with an smooth finish.P1030118 P1030119 P1030121 P1030120The 8 gems for the scroll and its place holder.P1030124 P1030125 P1030127Making more stamps.P1030131Working on the  last parts of the scroll.P1030130Carving the decorative lines with a dremel.P1030133
And this is almost ready for molding!

Almost all parts are covered with a special brush-on silicone, which cures vertically.
Means you can plaster the silicone around the builds, without to make a mold for each one.
After one layer is cured in 45 minutes, the next one can be applied.
And this goes on, until the 5th or 6th layer is applied. The mold should be 1cm thick by now.
To get a thicker consistency of the silicone, I used Thi-Vex. Like this, the silicone is thick as cookie dough and cures a bit faster.
Ideal to start with Thi-Vex at the third layer.


When the layers are fully cured, the silicone molds need a jacket.
This ones allows you to pour your resin into the mold and the jacket kees the shape of the silicone mold. Plasti Paste II from Smooth-On does the trick very well.
First one side is applied to the mold and the second follows. Each jacket part needs to be sealed with a release agent, to prevent them from sticking to each other.
Tin foil is also a nice way to do the barrier between the two.




Pouring the first layers of resin into the mold of the scroll chamber.Rotocasting is always messy.

P1030177After pulling out the scroll chamber, trimming the opening for the scroll paper is only possible when the tube is fully cured. Other wise it\\\\\\\’s a delicate and soft piece.P1030164
Testing the first pieces for their fitting.P1030169 P1030179
Still not assembled, but this is the outcome of only 11 single pieces put together.The whole scroll will feature 21 pieces without the gems and their sockets.When all pieces used = 56 parts

When weathering the castings I ususally use black shoe polish mixed with acrylics.
Brush the mixture into all nooks and crannies and wipe it away at certain places.
After the mixture is dry I use the finest steel wool to get the metal effects to pop. A nice texture appears and the prop looks much more realistic.


  • Pascal Gigou says:


    I am very interested in the elder scroll replica for a friend’s birthday. I see it is in store so, if you sell it, can you tell me the price of the item ? And more important, can you ship it in France ? How long will it take ?
    I’m looking forward for your answer, and anyway, your work is awesome.

    • Folkenstal says:

      Hi there!
      I only intend to sell kits of the Elder Scroll Replica, but since I’m so busy with doing my own projects right now, I won’t open a slot for kit any time soon. Making one of these takes its time which I just don’t have right now.
      I’m sorry I can’t give you a better reply there, but in case something changes, I will of course update the product.
      And yes, I usually ship worldwide.

  • Carter says:

    Are the kits in stock?

  • Anthony says:

    Hi my name is Anthony was wondering if you sell the blue prints of the design plus everything i would need to build it seems your very busy and would love to try to build my own.
    Thank you Anthony

    • Folkenstal says:

      Hello Anthony.
      Thank you for being interested in my work, but unfortunately I don’t have any blue prints
      of that project, because I only worked with screenshots for reference.

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