If you are here for the step by step build from my booklet, then read further. What booklet you ask? Please read the whole guide to get an overview, before you start with anything! The patterns here are nose 1 and nose 2.Cut your patterns out and prepare the craft foam and Worbla pieces for it.P1020418For this part use cheek 1 and cheek 2.P1020419Here comes the jaw pattern.P1020422 P1020424 If the nose is too big for your taste, reheat it and squeeze it together.Try to fit the patterns for your helmet as you please.P1020425Working out the raw form of the helmet. I used plastic strips and stuck them together with Worbla. You don\’t have a pattern there, just cut straight pieces like shown below.P1020426Add pattern cheek 3 and cheek 4. Adjust the patterns if you need to. P1020427Here comes eye 1 and eye 2.P1020428Now the pieces in the back: head side 1 and head side 2.P1020430Cut the forehead pattern and stick it right there. P1020431 Use the patterns head 1 and head 2 and stick them to the back.P1020433Both ear base 1 and ear base 2 go next to the eyes.Then shape ear 1 and ear 2. Pay attention to what side points out.P1020435Patterns rim 1 and rim 2 go to the back. Stick the two pieces together in the back.P1020438You\’re done with the Worbla build for now. But prepare the half moon pattern.Now onto the sculpt with Apoxie Sculpt or any other modelling clay you like.The goal is to cover all the holes with Apoxie Sculpt, to get a smooth surface.P1020439 If you paid attention: I built the helmet in a way, that I can cover all the Worbla seams with Apoxie without using too much of it. If you need more Apoxie, go ahead.P1020443P1020444Fill the ears woth some Worbla scraps to save Apoxie Sculpt.P1020446And then cover it with Apoxie Sculpt and smooth it out.P1020450Here’s the half moon pattern. Cut it out and cover it with Worbla.P1020451And your build is almost done! Cover up open edges with Worbla or Apoxie Sculpt. Keep the sculpt clean.P1020456Primered and spray painted.P1020468After I spray painted and weathered the helmet.Khajiit Helmet I bought synthetic extensions for the helmet hair in 2 different colors. Glued them together to get an even mix and cut and glued them onto the helmet.P1020485The hair-ends I cut with thinning shears.P1020488 Here are the leftovers…P1020490The hair will be styled later to get the spiky effect as seen ingame.P1020494P1020525

When building the armor I split the chest piece into 3 layers. Like that I don’t need to work with huge Worbla pieces at once.P1020457 P1020458 P1020459This is going to be the back piece.P1020460 P1020462Starting with the details.P1020463 P1020465 P1020471 P1020472 P1020473 P1020474Khajiit01 Khajiit02Trying a new technique here using Worbla’s Deco Art Pellets. The stuff comes as white pellets. I heat them with a hot air gun, because I just don’t like to work with water as it says in the description. The pellets work much better ands stick great to Worbla. Better than using Apoxie Sculpt, but I find it a bit harder to shape compared to Apoxie. It’s like working with wax from a candle…Khajiit03 Khajiit04Using a small cup to keep the pellets from flying away…Khajiit05 Khajiit06 Khajiit07The get all soft and clear when heated.Khajiit08 Khajiit09 Khajiit10You’ll know if the pellets are cooled down when they get all white again.The material binds very well with Worbla. I’m sure it’ll survive any fall.Khajiit11 Khajiit12 Khajiit13Primering and painting all the parts now.P1020513 P1020518 P1020523 P1020524P1020526 P1020529 P1020528P1020729 P1020730

P1020536 P1020537P1020539Leather glueg onto craft foam to get a thick piece of leather.P1020542 P1020543Doing the bracers here.P1020544 P1020545I was only a few seconds away…P1020547P1020548P1020554P1020559 Now going to sew the Khajiiti sandals.P1020555P1020540P1020541 Glueing everything on top of my foot, cutting it open, and the sewing the sandal later. sandal sandal And endless task so it seams…P1020565 P1020577 P1020578 Here come the elbow and keen spikes.P1020740 P1020741P1020756 P1020757


  • Wow, amazing. You make it look so easy. I might make one of my own in the near future!

    • Folkenstal says:

      Hey, thank you!
      It looks easy, because I practiced a lot and experience is also crucial in case of propmaking :)
      I wasn’t born with this skill set, I trained it.

      Have fun with your own armor! Share pictures if you like!

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