The long barrel of the musket is build out of a piece of foam board, which I cut out of a thick piece (8 cm).
I sanded it down and cut all the details with a knife to match the design seen on screenshots.

P1050772 P1050773

Cosplayflex was then used to cover the whole surface of it. Like this I got a strong and durable piece to be painted on.
Also Cosplayflex allows me to connect all further pieces without any glue, because Cosplayflex sticks to itself when heated.
See more on Cosplayflex here.


Worked on all the details with a combination of foam sheets and Cosplayflex to get this iconic Laser Rifle muzzle we all know from the Fallout games.



To get the glas tube for the Laser Musket I misused a bath salt container (it smells of lavender, yay) which accidently had the perfect size for it. It’s embedded in a piece of Cosplayflex and it sticks to it without any additional glue.


The idea here for the muzzle was to make a bracketed long barrel, but I later thought this musket already is very long, so adding a muzzle might be too long after all. Also if I’d use this on conventions it’ll probably be to bulky to move around.
So I dismissed the idea of this muzzle you see below. But it’s a nice technique to make this weapon portable and fit for the suitcase.
P1050782 P1050783 P1050786

The wooden stock ond the base for the musket is also made with foam sheets and Cosplayflex.
Later on I edged a wooden structure into its surface to imitate wood.

P1050788     P1050797 P1050798P1050787

This is the rotating part that has all the fun stashed away inside.
This magnetic steampunkish part needs to rotate like seen in-game, but also be able to light up, which was tricky to figure out. But I decided to let the whole build rotate on a metal rod.

P1050796P1050804 P1050805     P1050810 P1050809P1050811 P1050812 P1050813 P1050814 P1050815 P1050816 P1050817 P1050818  P1050820 P1050821 P1050823 P1050838P1050845P1050832 P1050834  P1050839   P1050843 P1050844  P1050849 P1050857  P1050861 P1050862 P1050863 P1050864P1050865   P1050867 P1050868 P1050869 P1050871 P1050872 P1050873 P1050874 P1050875  P1050883 P1050878 P1050880  P1050884  P1050887 P1050888 P1050889 P1050890

And the Laser Musket is almost done!
It still needs a few weathering details and another piece of tape on the handle, but I didn’t have much time for the convention, so I went with it like this. The post weathered Laser Musket will be updated later.

LaserMusket2 Laser Musket

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