The Royal Guard’s Bow as seen in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
This is a functional bow which shoots arrows.

Got myself a pvc pipe (2 cm in diameter, 130 cm length) for the bow base and slowly heated it so I could bend the pipe.
Prior to covering the pipe with all the foam bits I tested if it could shoot arrows. Made a string nock on both limb tips (oy, archery lingo!) with a little help of 2 aluminum strips and glued them down with cosplayflex and sculpted the string nock (check the last picture, 6th row).
As soon as I made a couple of test shots I was satisfied enough to make the patterns for the foam covers.
Those patterns can be found in my store, btw! See the right column.

The contact glue I work with is called Kövulfix and can be found online on amazon as well:
Kövulfix 90g Universal Leather Glue Adhesive (Germany)
Kövulfix Universal contact-adhesive, 90g/3.17 oz (USA)

A couple of progress pictures of those regular arrows.
Get wood sticks of the length of around 75 cm, get some thick turquoise and yellow thread, and some 3 mm white craft foam.
Glue them on with contact glue and bind them around the stick.


  • Anakaren Gaxiola says:

    Hello my name is Karen and I wanted to know if I could put the foam covers for this bow on a toy wood recurve bow that is roughly the same shape as the bow in the game. I’m asking because I don’t have access to a heat gun or have any pvc.

    • Folkenstal says:

      Hey, Karen! You could do that!
      Keep in mind that the patterns are made for a pvc pipe with 2 cm in diameter, so you might adjust the patterns for your bow base before putting them together. Let me know if it worked out for you :)

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