The build of the Wabbajack started out as creepy blob faces, but turned out quite fine in the end.
Using a clear tube of Smooth-On tint packaging as a base for the 3 sides.
On top of it I slowly build the faces of the Wabbajack with Worbla.

Creepy Wabbajack is right behind you.
P1030672 P1030664 P1030665 P1030670

When all 3 sides are sturdy enough to stand on their own, I cut the plastic tube out and removed most of it. And the build continues!P1030675

P1030684 P1030708
A switch for lazy dummies like me. Pressing the metal button connects 2 open wire ends together, which close the circuit. Wooh!

P1030709 The wires are hidden within the lip sides and the battery is in the tube. It can be pulled out easily.

P1030706 P1030705
The build is done, next comes primer and paint.

Painting the Wabbajack was fairly easy.
I primered the staff, but kept the texture from the Worbla to give if a rough look.
The coated the entire staff with metal spray paint.

Here lies the battery.

I weathered the staff with black shoe shine and black acrylic paint.

P1030734 P1030735 P1030736 P1030744


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