Skyrim Ahzidal’s Mask

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By purchasing Ahzidal’s Mask shaped pendant you will be one of the Dragonborns who supported Folkenstal instead of that weird in-game guy Ralis Sedarys who asks for 11000 Septims to get you to Ahzidal’s chamber.
So those $45 sound like a steal now.

This is a 92% lead-free pewter pendant with 8% copper, cast and produced right here in my workshop!
I’t’s based on the Ahzidal’s Mask from Skyrim and its size is 3 cm height x 2 cm width (1,18” x 0,78″).
weight 19 g.

This is a very limited run of pendants, because they’re handmade!

Product made to order, will be ready in 3 weeks.

I am in no way affiliated with Bethesda and this is not
official merchandise, merely fan created content.

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Weight 51 g


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