Feather of Lucifer Morningstar – brooch

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This is a hand sculpted feather of Lucifer Morningstar to save Lucifer (TV show).
All people who meet me at conventions can get this one for free. But if you really can’t come and are like countries away which often is the case…there’s this option now on buying the feather and supporting the campaign.
Don’t forget to hashtag!

I don’t feel well asking for money regarding this campaign, but a couple of you asked me to make it available, so here it is :)
It’s even the brooch with the lowest price in my shop! 

This brooch is 9 cm wide and 2,2 cm in height, thickest part is around 5 mm and it’s made of resin and glows in the dark.
A brooch needle is attached in the back. Handmade by me. Only available in white so far.

Product made to order.
Estimated shipping: in 3-5 work days.
Shipping worldwide.

This is not official merchandise, merely fan created content.

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Weight 10 g


  1. Valerie (verified owner)

    The item is as advertised,it’s roughly as long as my ring finger minus the shaft, I’d say around 3 inches long which makes it a good size for holding or wearing.

    The pin on the back has a wheel that turns to unlock the gap to slide the pin out of which makes for good security. The stuff that makes it glow is only on the front side but it works really well after I put it in the sun for a bit. I plan to set it on my nightstand since I can’t wear it due to family reasons, the pin allows it to hold itself up at a nice angle for placing on flat surfaces. All in all a very good buy and I’m happy to be an owner of our favorite Devil’s feather~

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