Foamsmith 2: How to Forge Foam Weapons – eBook

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this is an ebook (PDF)!

By Bill Doran

You’ve read the first Foamsmith armor making eBook and now you’re ready to build that perfect, complimentary prop to go with your jaw dropping armor costume. Fantastic! Foamsmith 2 is a deep look into the tools, materials, and techniques you’ll need to know to make your own incredible foam prop weapons!

Foam weapon making can be a challenging proposition for the uninitiated. Fortunately, this eBook breaks it down for you in a way that’s easy to pick up quickly. With the techniques in this tome, you’ll be building incredible prop swords and guns quickly and cheaply in no time!

Not only does this eBook include two highly detailed example builds, it also includes two free PDF blueprints to go along with those builds! That’s right, you can follow along as professional prop maker Bill Doran takes you through his creative process, building a pair of amazing foam prop pieces.

Looking to up your game? Foamsmith 2 also covers many tools and techniques that are a little bit more advanced than the first armor making book. Prepare to start making props that have your friends asking ìWait, that’s made from foam!?î

Included PDF Files:

  • Foamsmith 2 eBook
  • Ripper Axe Printable Blueprint
  • Jade Rabbit Printable BlueprintMore on


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