Glass Sword – Pewter Pendant

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A glass sword is a beautifully crafted sword in Skyrim which has a teal/green colored blade and details on a golden base.
If you are a true lover of the glass series then this pendant is just right for you.

This is a 98% genuine lead-free pewter pendant, 2% of copper, sculpted, cast and produced right here in my workshop!
I’t’s based on the Glass Sword from Skyrim and its size is 7,7 cm (3”) from tip to the pommel bottom.
The pendant shows its details from both sides no matter if it’s flipped over or not.
weight 19 g.

This is a very limited run of pendants, because they’re handmade!

Product made to order, will be ready in 3 weeks.


I am in no way affiliated with Bethesda and this is not
official merchandise, merely fan created content.

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Weight 30 g


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