Skyrim Necromancer’s Amulet

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The Necromancer’s Amulet is a unique looking pendant which you can obtain in Skyrim.
Usually very helpful when you’re a sorcerer and frequent Magicka user.
This pendant is made of real metal (pewter) and features a green resin skull which glows in the dark.

This is a 98% genuine lead-free pewter pendant, hand-sculpted, real metal cast, and weathered right here in my workshop! It features an additional metal loop and a green resin skull which glows in the dark.
Height is 4,7 cm and Width is 2,9 cm while the thickets part is 1,2 cm
Weight 25 grams. Necklace not included.
No 3D printed parts!

This is a very limited run of pendants, because they’re handmade!

IMPORTANT: Your order will be sent after 7 days from when you placed your order. Check your confirmation mail with the tracking number. Oversea orders will take longer to arrive. I'm not Amazon and I do not offer Prime. I have a fleet of viking ships.

This is not official merchandise, merely fan created content.

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