special present bundle – for her

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Here’s my special bundle put together for her: your sister, girlfriend, wife, fiance, mother, aunt, grand mother.
She who loves everything Skyrim related. I mean why wouldn’t she?

What she gets with that bundle is:
one hot and delicious Mad God’s Mead (Sheogorath’s favorite) she could share with you
one Dwarven Lip Balm (peppermint) to soothen her lips
one flask of Moon Sugar to sweeten everything she wants
and one gold plated pewter pendant of choice. This is exclusive to this bundle!

Everything will be carefully packed so you can put the present right under the tree! Unwrap the shipping box first, though!
With the purchase of this bundle you support an artist to continue making even more amazing art in the Skyrim universe.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
gold plated pendant

Axe of Whiterun, Daedric Sword, Dawnguard Rune Axe, Glass Sword, Skyforge Sword, Blade of Woe, Ahzidal's Mask, Spriggan Mask


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