1. general

These terms of conditions regulate the relations between folkenstal.com and the client and are an integrate constituent of each sales contract.

2. orders and prices

The prices of products apply on the day of the order entry.
Prices are in USD incl. sales tax, without shipping costs.

3. production

As stated in every product description, the time folkenstal.com gets to make your item ready can be in 3 – 4 weeks or as stated in each product description.

4. shipping costs

Shipping costs are weight based and will update in your cart automatically.
Here is a list of all shipping costs:

$ 9 – padded envelope (jewelry)
$ 16 – package up to 500 g
$ 28 – package up to 1000 g
$ 45 – package up to 2000 g
$ 90 – package up to 3000 g (and oversize)

USA, Canada, etc.
$ 9 – padded envelope (jewelry)
$ 18 – package up to 500 g
$ 40 – package up to 1000 g
$ 48 – package up to 2000 g
$ 97 – package up to 3000 g (and oversize)

South America, Australia, Japan, China
$ 9 – padded envelope (jewelry)
$ 18 – package up to 500 g
$ 40 – package up to 1000 g
$ 48 – package up to 2000 g
$ 100 – package up to 3000 g (and oversize)

5. shipping

Usually, the products are made to order and will be shipped as soon as possible.
For late delivery through your delivery service folkenstal.com disclaims liability.
Shipping time is approximately 15 days to the US and Australia, depends on the location and your delivery service. Within Europe it’s up to 7 day depends on the location and delivery service.
It may come to delays which is not in folkenstal.com’s responsibility. Check your delivery service for more information.

6. instructions for delivery

Notes for the delivery guy will be ignored, because the delivery service has no control over the service in your country.
folkenstal.com cannot notify your delivery service, when the package leaves the border.
Please make sure you contact your local delivery service and give them your tracking number for further instructions or urgent issues.

7. tracking number

All packages will be shipped with a tracking number. If a package doesn’t arrive after 14 days, please contact me asap so I can ckeck where your package is.

8. conditions of payment

Money transactions occurs with PayPal only.

9. returns

The customer immediately has to check the goods after delivery. Wrong deliveries have to be note withing 48 hours via e mail. Return consignment available after agreement with the folkenstal.com and it’s advices. folkenstal.com only retracts undamaged goods only. For professional return the customer holds responsibility.
If Folkenstal.com if responsible for the wrong delivery it will bear the costs for the returns and additional delivery.
Damages during transport of your delivery service might happen. Contact them for further information. folkenstal.com will not take responsibility for the handling of your delivery service.
folkenstal.com will take responsibility for the delivery within their own country only.

Following products won’t be taken back:
– goods that were not ordered at folkenstal.com
– damaged products by the customer
– damaged products during transport

10. lost packages

Yes, as sad as it is, there is a chance on lost packages during the international delivery.
Packages without a tracking number will not be refunded when lost.
Leave a note if you want to have a tracking number. This will cost an extra fee and will be calculated separately.
Those packages which have a tracking number will be refunded.
As soon as folkenstal.com gets its refund by the post office the client will be refunded, too.

11. guarantee

folkenstal.com assures that the goods are delivered in good repair.
All products are handmade, assembled and sanded by folkenstal.com.
Folkenstal.com always tries to get the best out of the material, so please be indulgent.
It may comes to irregularities of colors and surface structure.
If you want to see the purchased goods in advance, folkenstal.com will send you photos or videos over of the wanted items.
All items purchased from folkenstal.com are for display and convention use only. Handle with care.
If you happen to damage your items, folkenstal.com will not be responsible for the damage made.

12. customs regulations

folkenstal.com doesn’t check your country’s customs regulations.
Please check in advance if items like resin weapons are allowed to be shipped to your country.
Also if you pay customs, folkenstal.com is not obligated to compensate for it.
folkenstal.com will always put the original price in the description in case of a refund.